Life Saving Parvo Virus Treatment for Sasha



The latest on Sasha:

Sasha is doing wonderfully well. She has progressed so well she has been able to stay home. On Sunday it was like a switch turned on, she actually got up and ran to the door to greet me, she was bright eyed and walking around and looking for food. She finally took food in her bowl instead of syringe. On Monday she had her checkup. She was normal in everything except still a little dehydrated, they drew blood and her white blood cell count was still at a place to go another round of antibiotics to keep an infections at bay. She weighs 3.5 pounds so she lost another few ounces so that is our challenge right now to put weight back onto her. She has another check up tomorrow but since Sunday she now is eating several times a day and I only have to syringe feed the one with all the goodies in it to keep her blood sugar and everything level. We are just so happy and surprised she seems to have survived this nasty virus and hopefully will continue because we know we are not out of the woods yet. She is even interested in her toys and now cuddling with her sister pica. We still have to keep her kind of quiet and she does wear out fast but she is still with us and even more loving than she was before. Here is a picture with her and one of her toys and with her daddy giving lovins.

1:20 p

My sons tiny little Sasha has Parvo so we were encouraged to set up a fund page because of the cost. Thank you in advance to reading. 🙂

1:20 p.m.

We just had a call from the vet stating that Sasha is so active and starting to eat and doing well that she can come home today at 5:30, we would be taking her back in the morning to check her vitals and fluids to be sure she will be ok over the weekend. The vet was very surprised considering the condition she was in when we took her in. Not sure if she was confident that she would pull through. But that is understandable since we were really scared and didn’t either. We are so happy she is recovering and doing so well as we know how bad this was and how tragic it could have been.  Thank you everyone for your support through all this. I  re-wrote the funding description to include some personal and important facts regarding my son and his need for Sasha. Also an explanation of his inability to obtain employment after the military immediately because of the way they do not support the service members after they are discharged. Any info or suggestions would be helpful as my son really could use the help, he is always helping others. Thank you guys.

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Genetic Modification: A Primer


So what exactly is a GM seed?

GM seeds (also called ‘GMO’ – genetically modified organisms – and ‘transgenic’) are often confused with hybrid seeds. In fact, some people claim that hybridization is just another form of genetic modification. Not exactly. In a nutshell, here’s the difference:

  • Non-hybrid seeds (think: heirloom or open pollinated varieties) can be saved and replanted from year to year and the resulting fruit remains “true to seed.” In other words, that funny little tomato you remember from grandma’s garden? If you planted seeds saved from that tomato, you’d get the same fruit today.
  • Hybrid seeds are the product of cross-breeding two varieties of one type of fruit or vegetable in order to improve yield, pest and disease resistance, flavor, or shelf life. It’s kind of like breeding a Labrador retriever with a poodle to get a Labradoodle. Hybrid seeds generally do not grow true to seed.
  • Genetically modified seeds are altered by inserting DNA from outside of the species into a plant seed. Kind of like trying to breed a cat and a dog. Mother Nature doesn’t allow such a thing to happen, but the miracle of modern technology lets scientists cross that barrier. GM seeds are patented and it’s actually illegal to save and replant some of these seeds.

For the rest of the story check out the link:    Genetic Modification: A Primer.

NOAA – FishWatch

FishWatch provides easy-to-understand science-based facts to help you make smart sustainable seafood choices. U.S. seafood profiled here is responsibly harvested under strict regulations that work to keep the environment healthy, fish populations thriving, and our seafood industry on the job.  Seems to be a great way to do your own research before you shop.

NOAA – FishWatch.